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    BMP covers watermark

    I'm trying to put a digital copy of my signature on a certificate in Word 97. I made the signature to have a transparent background. However, when pasting it to the certificate (that has a graphics watermark), the signature block obscures the watermark beneath. How can I get around this

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    Re: BMP covers watermark

    I also have a digital signature (very hand for faxes) and I've had a play around and find:
    If your signature block is copied from a graphics editor, having set the background to transparent, and you simply copy and paste, the transparency does not always 'stick'.
    If the image is saved as a .gif (only one to support transparency?) then Insert/Picture/File'd, it keeps it's transparent background.
    Otherwise - a neat trick I picked up some time ago:
    Single_click your signature graphic to select it.
    Tools/AutoCorrect and the image is in the 'With' field.
    Enter 'sig' in the 'Replace' field.
    Now, all you have to do is type sig and Voila!
    Instant Signature!

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