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    Assigning a new ID number in a Query (Access 2002)

    I want to write a query that will create an ID number for each of the resulting records.
    I have a query that gives me the current members of a group (this information will change as people are assigned and reassigned from the group). They are listed alphabetically.
    I want to be able to refer to the first record, second record, third record, etc. in the results of the above query.

    I though the best way to accomplish this would be to assign each record a temporary ID number that I could then use as a reference to pull specific records out of the query.

    Any suggestions?
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    Re: Assigning a new ID number in a Query (Access 2002)

    See if you can adapt the solutions provided in the thread starting at <post#=250833>post 250833</post#>. Your situation is actually simpler, since you don't need to group the records. Post back if you need more assistance.

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