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    Iff Statement (Access 2003)

    I have an IIf statement in a calculated control [TotalCost] on a sbrpt, which returns 0 if the condition is false. I then have a calculated control in the sbrpt footer which sums the [TotalCost]; however, my calculation in the sbrpt footer is not picking up the 0, instead returning the answer based on the [sumofTotalCost]. I could have a situation where there would be more that one record with one being false, while the other could be true. This is the IIF statement in my calculated control [TotalCost] =IIf([Warranty]="No",[SumofCost],0)

    I would appreciate any help I might be able to get on figuring this out.

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    Re: Iff Statement (Access 2003)

    You should repeat the expression in the control in the subreport footer:


    By the way, if Warranty is a text field, this expression is OK. However, if Warranty is a Yes/No field, you should test on [Warranty]=False (without quotes) instead of [Warranty]="No".

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