Maybe I'm still finding new things in Win XP since I've only been using it for 4 months; maybe I wasn't adventurous enough before. So I'll share the tip if it benefits anyone.

Just like you can drag the Int Explorer icon from the Addr bar on Int Explorer bar to your favorites pane or to your desktop/other folder to make a shortcut to that URL or local disk file, you can drag the Folder icon from the Addr bar of Win Explorer in a similar way to make a shortcut to a folder.

For example, if you're in a particular folder in Win Expl and about to go off exploring with the intention of returning at some point, you can drag the folder icon onto your desktop before leaving. Then, when you're ready, double click/open the just-created shortcut and you're back to where you started (in a new window despite your option setting for browsing folders).

Wonder if this works with other versions of windows.