Recently, I restored my o/s (Windows 95) and experienced a strange problem with Internet Explorer 5.50 SP 2.

Previously, the menu for "save as/save as type" offered four choices:

Web Page, complete (*.htm, *.html)
Web Archive, single file (*mht)
Web Page, HTML only (*.htm, *.html)
Text File (*txt)

Now, Internet Explorer only offers the following two choices:

Web Page, HTML only (*.htm, *.html)
Text File (*txt)

Yet, if a webpage is loaded from AOL's software interface, all four choices are available. I do not like the AOL software and therefore use the MS Internet Explorer and Outlook Express as my mail client (I use another provider for email because AOL does not provide for downloading email to another email client -- at least not AOL version 6.0)

Anyway, I tried the Internet Explorer repair utility, tried uninstalling 5.5 and reverting to 4.0 and then reinstalling 5.5 again, etc. several times, all to to avail. I cannot get the now missing two menu items back. I especially want the "Web Page, Complete option".

Does anyone know if there is a particular DLL file needed in the WindowsSystem directory inorder for the Internet Explorer menu to properly function? Why does the AOL interface of Internet Explorer have all four menu items whereas the original Microsoft IE no longer does (on my computer)?

Tnanks for any help offered.