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    Continuous Hourglass (A2K)

    I have an application where I invoke docmd.hourglass in order to display the hourglass while a process runs, but it does not work as satisfactorily as I would like. Many such processes open and close forms and subforms, each time turning off the hourglass, even though I want it to continue. Basically, I want that hourglass to continue until I explicitly tell it otherwise, but it is not cooperating. Any suggestions on how to whip the hourglass into line, or am I stuck with a different approach, such as a status message or the like?

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    Re: Continuous Hourglass (A2K)

    You might put <code>DoCmd.Echo False</code> at the beginning and <code>DoCmd.Echo True</code> at the end of your code, to turn off screen refreshes while the code runs. If the mouse pointer still reverts to the northwest arrow, you may have to repeat <code>DoCmd.HourGlass True</code> in your code.

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