I use one pst file on my home and work computers - copying it between the 2 pcs.
I also have both pcs set to leave mail on the server for 2 days, to cater for crashes and whatever, so I have the chance to recover mail if I lose it or whatever.
In the past, with OL 2000, any message I downloaded at home did NOT get downloaded again at work - as long as I'd copied the pst file. It seemed that the server status was stored in the pst file - which was how I liked it.
Having just changed to OL XP, I now find that the messages I've already downloaded at home are being downloaded again at work , and vice-versa.
Can anyone tell me what I have to do to get it working like it used to - so any mail downloaded on 1 pc was not downloaded again on the other pc - unless I was using a different or out-of-date pst file?