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    Internet Explorer page problems (Windows XP Home)

    I am having an unusal problem that seems to be infecting my home wireless network. My default homepage is, all of a sudden starting a mere few days ago, half the time I click on Internet Explorer the "Page not available" message comes up instead of the homepage. And once I click refresh the page comes in fine. That is the least of my worries though for I have another more agrivating problem than that. Now all of a sudden, randomly when I click on a link to a page or go to any random website, about 1 out of 10 times it completely gets OUT of internet exploror. The reason I say that this is infecting my home network is because this happened to my main computer and that led to disaster with my father trying to fix it. Whatever he did disabled him from accessing his hard drive or even starting up and that was a disaster. Does anyone know a cure for this devious "bug" type problem? Thank you

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    Re: Internet Explorer page problems (Windows XP Home)

    If your computer is going offline and taking a long time to get reconnected, IE might "time out" waiting for the home page to load. This can be caused by power saving settings for the modem (dial-up) or network card (broadband) on your computer, or it could be something else in the network.

    If IE "disappears" (shuts down without an error), there is some kind of software problem. Do you recall doing any updates or applying any patches from Microsoft? Have you installed any helpful gadgets like search toolbars? If you skim down the board, you'll probably find other suggestions. Also, if you can keep track of the problem sites, one of us could visit and confirm whether it is using a particular type of active content that might be an issue (e.g., Java applet, ActiveX control).

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