Not sure if this post belongs here or in hardware. Yesterday, my system (Gateway, 1.8 Ghz) was running fine but then I heard a little "crackle" and the system froze. I could not get taskmanager to work - system was really froze tight. I turned it off at the power button and then tried to restart. CD Drive lights blinked but nothing else happened. I went through this 3-4 times with no luck. I figured something happened to my motherboard so I took out my hard drive and put it in another system as a slave in order to access the files, etc.

This morning, I decided to put the hard drive back in the Gateway and powered it up and all was fine. I even updated my Norton and Windows. But then, it froze on me again. This was after about 5-10 minutes. I powered down and tried to restart with no luck. Have tried it 3-4 times - same results, CD drive lights blink but then nothing.

Has my motherboard developed a crack that expands with heat? Any other suggestions? What else can I do to check things out?