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    Excel crash involving SQL Server (Excel 2000)

    I have an Excel 2000 file into which I've been pumping exported query results (as new worksheets) from a SQL Server database. There are also a few pivot tables in the same Excel file, as separate worksheets.

    Yesterday I exported a very small set of query results from SQL Server and suddenly couldn't open the Excel file anymore. Instead, I get the dreaded "Excel.exe has generated errors and will be closed" message. Looking for advice on how I might open (or fix then open) the file. For instance:

    * Can I revert to an earlier version of the Excel file somehow? Like early Monday morning ... (Again I'm in Excel 2000 and Win 2000 not XP.)

    * I can read the Dr. Watson crash log but the results don't mean anything to me. Can this enable me somehow to open or roll back the file? How?

    Spent 3 fruitless hours on this so far ...

    Thanks. - Rick

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    Re: Excel crash involving SQL Server (Excel 2000)

    I'm afraid your spreadsheet is toast, but you can see if the steps outlined in <post#=323270>post 323270</post#> enable you to recover some or all of the data.

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