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    Directory/Catalog Assistance(Advanced) (2000)

    Hi again,

    I'm attaching 3 word files, one name data.doc and the other MergeMain.doc
    The third file, is how I need the results to turn out, goal.doc, I typed this manually
    but I would ideally like it this way straight from the merge [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

    I'm receiving the correct results, however here is my issue:

    When I try to insert the code in the middle of a letter typed in word, it repeats after each record.
    It also won't do it for the 2nd set/(page) of the merge. Could you download the attachment fix it,
    then post it back for me? I really appreciate all of your help. This is a great resource!

    Thank you!
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    Re: Directory/Catalog Assistance(Advanced) (2000)

    If I understand you correctly (your "goal" document is unclear since it contains only one page), you want some text before the first merged record, and some text after the last merged record. The first can be done, but the latter is not supported. There is no field you can use to determine if the last record has been reached. So the best you can do is to leave the text out of the main merge document, and add it after the merge has been executed. This is not much work, but if necessary, you could create a macro that runs the mail merge and then adds the text.

    The field code to insert some text only before the first merge record would look like this:

    { IF { MERGESEQ} = "1" "This is the start of my letter.

    " " }

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