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    linking fill in fields (2003)

    I have a template with fill in fields. The text to the fill ins needs to reoccur several times through out the document. Does anyone know the way to link so after in putting during opening it will link through out.
    Sorry the question might be a bit lame but I'm new to fill in fields, for that matter new to Woody's Lounge.

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    Re: linking fill in fields (2003)

    Welcome to Woody's lounge.

    This is usually done by a combination of Bookmarks and Ref fields.
    <UL><LI>Use Alt-F9 to display field codes so you can see exactly where the fill in field is (type Alt-F9 again to revert to original view)
    <LI>Select the fill-in field
    <LI>Insert > Bookmark...
    <LI>Give your bookmark a sensible name
    <LI>Go to the place where you want the text to appear
    <LI>Insert > Reference > Cross Reference > Bookmark and choose your bookmark[/list]StuartR

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    Re: linking fill in fields (2003)

    Welcome to the Lounge!

    If you are using a fill-in field, you can create a bookmark that contains it: select the fill-in field, then Insert | Bookmark. Elsewhere in the document, you can use a REF field to refer to the bookmark. The REF field will be updated when you select it and press F9, and when you print or print preview the document.

    You can also use form fields (from the Forms toolbar); they come with a bookmark automatically, and you can specify "Calculate on exit" to update fields refferring to the bookmark when you leave the form field.

    See attached document (zipped). The second section is protected for forms; if you want to modify it, select Tools | Unprotect document. Don't forget to protect the document again before using it.
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