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    Creating new Contact fields for import

    Hi. I'm trying to import an Excel database into Outlook Contacts. Everything's working fine, except that I have a field in Excel that has no counterpart in Contacts, so I can't map it during the import process. I created a user-defined field within Customize Current View with the same name as the Excel field, but it still doesn't show up during the mapping process. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Re: Creating new Contact fields for import

    See Q197654 on the Microsoft site that says: User defined fields are visible only in the Outlook viewer. These fields do not appear in the Outlook internal name list. This keeps the wizzard from importing them and makes it difficult for you to use them if you do manage to import them.

    The easiest way around this problem is to use another field (like children or manager's name) and ignore the label. A more difficult thing to do is to use an unused field like User 1 and show it in a custom form. If you do this, be sure to also see Q201087.

    Finally, there are ways to do just what you want to do with VBA (f you do some programming), so check out the Q197654 article.

    -Gabe Fineman

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    Re: Creating new Contact fields for import

    Sorry for the belated reply, but thank you for your message!

    I ended up fudging on the field names a little bit, as you suggested below. This seemed to be the easiest solution as I don't know any programming, although it did rankle the perfectionist in me a bit!

    Thank you again for your help.

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