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    day of the week ('97, SR2)

    What's the best way to generate a column that identifies the corresponding day of the week (Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su) for an adjacent column of dates?

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    Re: day of the week ('97, SR2)

    Say that the dates are in A1:A10.
    In B1, enter the formula =A1, then select Format | Cells..., activate the Number tab, select the Custom category, and enter ddd in the Type box, then click OK. Fill down B1 to B10.
    This will display the system abbreviation for the day of the week (in English, it is Mon, Tue, Wed etc.)

    If you really need Mo, Tu etc., put this formula in B1: =LEFT(TEXT(A1,"ddd"),2) and fill down to B10.

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