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    Several Outlook 2003 Questions (2003)

    First: When I generate a new letter from a contact in Outlook, Outlook runs this "wizard" ... I would like to get rid of the wizard and get a list of templates (like in Word). That way I could use my own letterhead and/or FAX cover sheet. Has anyone done this?
    When starting Outlook I'm getting a series of error messages:
    First a Microsoft Mail dialog box trying to detect a connection type... I'm suppose to choose. Do I need Microsoft Mail at all? If not can I de-activate it or something?
    After I click "Cancel" for this dialog box, I get an error message saing the add-in file "MSFSMENU.ECF or MSFSPROP.ECF" is missing. Run Detect and Repair on the Help menu... do this... nothing happens.
    After I click OK to this, I get ANOTHER error
    "The add-in 'awfext32.dll" could not be installed..." again I click OK. Running Detect and Repair does not detect or repair.
    Finally.... (whew) if I try to do a Mail Merge from Word 2003 I get an error
    "Unable to obtain list of tables from the data source."

    I have uninstalled Office and reinstalled.... no changes....
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    Re: Several Outlook 2003 Questions (2003)

    1. You'd need to write your own code to replace the Wizard, to create an instance of Word to do what you want. Search this forum for code by <!profile=unkamunka>unkamunka<!/profile> on instancing Word and by <!profile=JScher2000>JScher2000<!/profile> on using the GetAddress function in Word (although his posts on that may be in the VBA Forum). I think I'd recommend that if you want to pursue this issue, start a separate thread.

    2. The Microsoft Mail question and the missing files MSFSMENU.ECF and MSFSPROP.ECF are interrelated (see List of Exchange client Add-ins). When you installed Outlook it should have asked if you want to disable MS Mail. Since I haven't had your problem, I'd suggest you first see if under Settings | Contol Panel | Add/Remove Programs, MS Mail shows as being installed, and uninstall it from there. If it doesn't show as installed, try the steps in <!mskb=312340>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 312340<!/mskb> which should apply to Oulook 2003 as well. Perhaps another Lounger knows more on this.

    3. awfext32.dll is a fax add-in I think, but I can't find anything on it. Do you have any fax related programs under Tools | Options | Other | Advanced Options | both the Add-In Manager and Conm Add-Ins dialogs?

    4. No idea on the mail merge question, but what happens if you initiate the mail merge from Outlook using Tools | Mail Merge?
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    Re: Several Outlook 2003 Questions (2003)

    I think we had that last problem ("Finally...") posted by one or two people this month (either on this board or on the Word board). The "quick" workaround is to start your merge from Outlook. I can't remember whether there was a real solution.

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