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    Table of Contents - selectively

    I'm hoping this is not too naive a question. Suppose I want to create a Table of Contents from lines formatted with the "Heading 1" style (where the text is not preceded by a number), but I want to omit some of them selectively.

    What's the best way of doing this?

    I could, of course, just make the unwanted "Heading 1" lines to have the same attributes as the required "Heading 1" lines, but give them a different style name (e.g. "Heading 1 non-ToC"), but I'm looking at something along the lines of "ignore this particular Heading 1 line for Table of Contents purposes".
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    Re: Table of Contents - selectively

    Your suggested solution--a secondary Heading 1 style--is the only one I can come up with.

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    Re: Table of Contents - selectively

    There might be a somewhat cruder work-around.

    Leave all your headings as "Heading 1," and create your TOC.

    Then unlink your TOC from the fields, by selecting it and pressing CTL-SHIFT-F9 simultaneously.

    Then you can manually delete the headings you don't want.

    If you want to update it, remove the un-linked TOC, insert a new one and then repeat the process.


    Don Brownlee

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