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    No pictures & Email problems (IE 6.0, XP Home)

    I'm trying to help a neighbor lady with her computer. She ran McAfee's QuickClean and after running it IE 6.0 no longer displays any pictures (all she gets is the red x). In addition, when I send her an email all of the text is missing. In addition, she can no longer send email. Also, her computer seems to be running very slowly.

    I downloaded and installed the latest XP/IE updates, but that didn't help (in addition, they took forever to install -- very unlike most computers). I also ran Adaware with the latest download.

    There has to be some very serious problem somewhere, but darned if I can find it. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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    Re: No pictures & Email problems (IE 6.0, XP Home)

    Hi, Chuck ~

    I see that this is tied into the post I just replyed to over in the Internet Explorer forum and the common denominator here is the McAfee app.

    I have seen this same problem with Quickclean before and in many cases believe it to cause more probelms than they are designed to solve.

    I would recommend using the System Restore to a point before the Quickclean install. if that fails, then uninstalling McAfee Quickclean and reinstalling IE/OE may be a final recourse.

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