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    Unable to access secure sites (Internet Explorer 6.0)

    Whenever I attempt to login to "secure" sites such as banking sites, and other seemingly non-"secure" sites like and, I get a message that "page can not be displayed" I checked out a few articles on the forum and someone suggested to go to Tools | Internet Options | Advanced and check to see if SSL 2.0, 3.0 were checked and they ARE. I feel like I've run into this problem with a user before, but can't remember the solution. On a possibly related note, I thought "Hey, I'll go out to Windows Update and download whatever Windows and IE updates were out there" to see if that solved the problem and I can't get past that either. I get an error (without even clicking a thing) that states "Software Update Incomplete - You may have clicked No when prompted to accept the Trust Certificate (I never SAW a Trust Certificate) OR your Internet Security Settings may be set too high (they are set at the Default Level which is Medium). The computer that I'm encountering this on has a DSL connection. I don't have a lot of experience with DSL - is there anything in the connection that could be causing the problem?

    Thanks in advance - Sat.

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    Re: Unable to access secure sites (Internet Explor

    Check MSKB 813444 for a comprehensive list of possible causes and solutions if using WIndows XP.

    This Google search shows results from Microsoft support which may also assist.

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