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    Single Window Application (OL 2003 and <)

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    When I do something like:

    <font color=blue> Set myFolder = myNameSpace.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)
    myFolder.Display </font color=blue>

    Where myNameSpace is set to be <font color=blue>CreateObject("Outlook.Application").Get Namespace("MAPI")</font color=blue>

    The Inbox opens in a second window, and not in the original of Outlook?!

    Is this controlled by Windows or the Office 2003 multi-window environment what ever it is called these days, and how do I make it Open in the same window?

    Thanks very much.

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    Re: Single Window Application (OL 2003 and <)

    CreateObject will create a new instance of an application, even if it is already running; you can use GetObject to refer to a running instance. Code to test goes like this:

    Dim olApp As Outlook.Application
    Dim myNameSpace As Outlook.NameSpace
    On Error Resume Next
    ' Try to set olApp to running instance of Outlook
    Set olApp = GetObject(, "Outlook.Application")
    If olApp Is Nothing Then
    ' If failed, create new instance
    Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    If olApp Is Nothing Then
    ' Failed
    MsgBox "Can't open Outlook.", vbCritical
    Exit Sub
    End If
    End If
    Set myNameSpace = olApp.GetNameSpace("MAPI")

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    Re: Single Window Application (OL 2003 and <)

    See the thread starting with <post#=375844>post 375844</post#> if you want to activate an existing folder in the existing instance of Outlook.
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