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    Showing Movie in PowerPoint (XP)

    I went to a presentation where the presenter used Dazzle Fussion to take output from a video camera and put it into PowerPoint. I see in PowerPoint how to import a video clip from the hard drive but it looked to as though the presenter was streaming the video directly into PowerPoint. Does anyone know if this can be done and, if so, how?

    Also, what video format should I use to minimize playback problems? I know that different formats require different CODEX {SP?}. The presentations I want to create would be posted on a WebCT site for students to view and I want to avoid problems if possible.

    Ronny Richardson

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    Re: Showing Movie in PowerPoint (XP)

    Streaming the video directly from the camera into PPT? Might be able to do that by using Insert/Object and inserting whatever program plays the video clip from the camera. Or perhaps an action setting using the Run option to run whatever EXE plays the video.

    You could also stream from an HTML page using Shyam's Live Web add-in.

    As for inserting the video directly into PPT, you'll want to export the video as MPEG1 or AVI (or perhaps even WMV) to minimize problems. Pay attention to the codecs for these, though, as I've heard of some people having problems when using Dazzle to create video for PPT. I suspect there's a proprietary codec in there somewhere, so try to find something standard as discussed at

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