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    Query Calculations (Access 2002)

    Hello Everyone.
    I'm trying to create some what of a circular formula to calculate stock for the company I work for using a query. I need to be able to take the quantity of material I have in stock and subtract the quantity required to build our product. The problem is, we have multiple products that use the same material. When I pull stock for the first product it calculates the stock correctly. When I try to pull stock it pulls the same stock the second time that it did the first. I need it to pull from the remaining stock the second time.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Query Calculations (Access 2002)

    You will have to use an update query that actually changes the stock value by subtracting the quantity of material needed from the current stock. That way, next time you run the query, it will start with the new stock value.

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