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    Tabbed sub forms (2000)

    I have a form which shows employees and then there is a subform which shows requests for training and another subform links to the requests subform which records diary entries about the progress of the request.

    I have the employees name embedded in the main form. The employee details on a tab and the two sub forms on a second tab.

    This works well in that if I pick an employee then all their requests for training are available on the second tab. If I navigate to a particular training request (I have them displayed in single form view) then the diary (which is a datasheet view) syncronises with that request.

    However, the tab is getting a bit crowded and I would like therefore to put the diary sub form on a third tab (preferably with the name of the course requested also showing) - however when I try to do this is does not syncronise with the training request selected on the second tab.

    Can anyone help me please.


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    Re: Tabbed sub forms (2000)

    Probably the linking information is lost when you move the second subform to the third tab. How was the second subform linked to the first one when both were on one tab? Through the Link Child Fields and Link Master Fields properties, or through code? Try to reconstruct this after moving the subform.

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