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    Preventing users from sharing their mail folders (Exchange 2003/Outlook 20

    We are in the process of migrating to Exchange 2003/Outlook 2003 (from Groupwise). We want to get all our users to store messages that they want to share in public folders rather than by sharing out mail folders. Does anyone know of a way we can prevent them from being able to share their mail folders?


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    Re: Preventing users from sharing their mail folders (Exchange 2003/Outloo

    Belinda, in typical MS Exchange Server setups, Public Folders would not be the place to store individual message stores, rather the individual's Exchange Mailbox and individual user Personal Storage File (PST) are.

    The Exchange mailboxes cannot be electively shared by users if Exchange is set up accordingly.

    The PST can be located on the users server folder (or the users hard drive, not recommended if you plan to back up all user data). A PST contains all the saved messages information, plus contact information, calendar, tasks, notes and other information the user elects to maintain in Outlook. PSTs are not shareable, and the messages stored in the PST are not shareable unless the user elects to send them on.

    The relationship between the users' server Mailbox and PST is a bit complex; for example Calendar Items are kept in both the Server store and the PST and synchronized between the server and the Outlook client.

    HTH, post back if you have more questions.The Servers Forum would be the place if you have questions specific to Exchange.
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