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    Critical Failure, Rescue needed (2002)

    Oh Crickey!!
    I've been working on my final project all night. It was so close to finished. Suddenly it started giving me error messages, about things I hadn't changed at all. I discovered what I THINK might be the problem. Only two of my forms are showing in the Microsoft Class Objects of my database. None of the tables, none of the other forms. What have I done??? What can I do?? My OnMouseMove Event has been working for days, now it's not. My OnOpen event worked fine for about and hour, now it's not. Everything,as far as I had gotten was working. I can't even start to tell you what I was doing when it quit. I don't even know if I have identified the problem. H-E-L-L-P

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    Re: Critical Failure, Rescue needed (2002)

    Microsoft Access Class Objects in the Project Explorer in the Visual Basic Editor only shows those forms and reports that have a module associated with them.

    More important is whether the forms still show up in the Forms section of the database window in Access itself. If not, your database is probably corrupt. Do the following:
    - Make a copy of the database, so that you can use that if you mess up the original.
    - @#$!% down and restart your PC; sometimes errors leave your PC's memory corrupted.
    - Open the database, and select Tools | Database Utilities | Compact and Repair Database...
    - See if the database functions normally after that.
    - If not, your best bet would be a backup copy made before the problems started

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