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    How do I password protect Outlook (v.2003(11.5608.5703))

    When clicked, the Outlook icon automatically opens the email for the person logged in to the machine. On other systems I was able to modify the email account so that it was password protected and modify the email software shortcut so that it prompted for a user name and didn't automatically use the logged in person. Is there a way to do any of this with Outlook? I've used Word, Excel and Access for serveral years now but email was always GroupWise on a Novell system. I was only introduced to Outlook and Microsoft networks this past year.

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    Re: How do I password protect Outlook (v.2003(11.5608.5703))

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    This is from the On Line Help...

    Hope it helps.


    On the File menu, click Data File Management.
    Click the Personal Folders file (.pst) (Personal Folders file (.pst): Data file that stores your messages and other items on your computer. You can assign a .pst file to be the default delivery location for e-mail messages. You can use a .pst to organize and back up items for safekeeping.) file you want, and then click Settings.
    Click Change Password, and then type your old and new passwords.

    Use strong passwords that combine upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Weak passwords don't mix these elements. Strong password: Y6dh!et5. Weak password: House27. Use a strong password that you can remember so that you don't have to write it down.
    Your computer can remember your password so that you don't have to type it in each time you open the .pst. If your Microsoft Windows user account is password protected, and no other user has access to your Windows user account, select the Save this password in your password list check box after typing your new password.
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    Re: How do I password protect Outlook (v.2003(11.5

    Password protecting the local mail store - which is what <!profile=Wassim>Wassim<!/profile> is describing - works in Outlook as long as the user closes down Outlook after checking for mail. If someone leaves their workstation without password protecting a screensaver, and Outlook is already open, any passerby will be able to access the mail store. HTH

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