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    Outllook Form feature (2003)


    I need some help with a rather obscure feature for use with Outlook forms!

    I have designed a Contact form in Outlook to store details of contractors that we use. The first field in the form is to enter the contractors name. What I would like to happen is that when you go to add a new Contact and enter the Contact's name, the field remembers names that have been used with this form before, and shows a drop down of those names. In other words, replicate the To field on an e-mail form which remembers e-mail names and addresses that have been used before. I've tried looking at the To field, but cannot understand from it's Properties how it knows to look for names entered previously.

    Any ideas!?

    Thanks, Laurie

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    Re: Outllook Form feature (2003)

    The little pop-up ToolTip (or ScreenTip) that may appear on an address field after you type three characters is linked to a name resolution system and a "nickname" file. (In earlier versions of Outlook, it was a separate file, but I have no idea for Outlook 2003). I suspect that it will be quite difficult to get a custom field to interoperate with these built-in features, but then I've never really tried. Hopefully someone with more forms experience will be able to help.

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