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    Missing Font Information

    I'm writing code that loops through the slides of an existing PPT and modifies some of the shapes on every slide.

    I need to extract font information (name, size, etc.) from one of the shapes on every slide. Here's the problem:

    One of the shapes I'm trying to extract font info is formatted weirdly. Even though there's clearly font formatting (36 pt. Arial, Blue), I get an error when I try to access the Shape's font info (via .TextFrame.TextRange.Font). When I look at the shape in PowerPoint, the font name is blank and the size is "32+".

    Is there a way to programatically extract the font info from a weird shape like this?


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    Re: Missing Font Information

    Hi Chris
    <hr>there's clearly font formatting (36 pt. Arial, Blue)<hr>
    I know diddly squat about code, but the fact that the font size box shows 32+ indicates to me that there are fonts of differing sizes in the text. Also, font name showing blank means there is more than one font in the text as well. (Try creating a title slide. Click on the title text holder and type some text (default size is 44) and then reduce the text size to 28, change the font and carry on typing. When you now select the box, the font name field will be empty and the font size box will show 28+ )
    So your code needs to cope with more than one font and more than one font size per shape.
    Sorry if you already worked this out - trying to help <img src=/S/exclamation.gif border=0 alt=exclamation width=15 height=15>

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