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    Date format in combobox (2000)

    I have a combobox from the control toolbox. The list-fill range is named DateRcvd (which contains 6 dates formatted mm/dd/yy ).
    When I click the arrow button on the combobox, the dates appear with the correct format.
    However, the date shown in the Linked Cell appears in Serial format even after I format the cell mm/dd/yy.

    I couldn't find a format property in the Properties dialog.
    Is there another way to format the Linked Cell?

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    Re: Date format in combobox (2000)

    The result of a combo box will be text. Say that the linked cell is D1. In cell E1, enter the formula =VALUE(D1) and format E1 as a date. If you like, you can hide the column with the linked cell.

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