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    Err Accessing File. NW Conn'n May Have Been Lost (2000)

    Error Accessing File. Network Connection May Have Been Lost.

    I receive the above error when I try to do anything in a database that I am developing against the clock. There's nothing wrong with the network and no amount of rebooting or compact and repair operations make any difference. In desperation I tried Google and straight away found Knowledge Base Article - 304548, with the above as its title. Apparently you can see this problem if you paste objects from one 2000 database to another if a particular dll (VBe6.dll) with a particular version number ( is present. I did paste some objects from one database to another and I do have the rogue DLL.

    Basically my database is trashed and the only way out, according to the KB article, is to save all the code behind the forms and reports (the article doesn

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    Re: Err Accessing File. NW Conn'n May Have Been Lost (2000)

    I'm afraid there is no easy solution to this problem. I doubt that converting the database to 2002 format will help, although it won't hurt to try - it won't take long.

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