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The Recovery Console in XP Pro does not allow you to use wildcards, copy files from local drives to removable media or to use the <font face="Georgia">cd</font face=georgia> command to list files in subfolders in all folders on all local drives. It also displays an annoying warning message each time you try to copy files that overwrite existing files.

Fortunately, there exist some commands that can be used at the Recovery Console to override this behavior:
<UL><LI><font face="Georgia">set allowwildcards = true</font face=georgia> This allows the use of the <font face="Georgia">*</font face=georgia> and <font face="Georgia">?</font face=georgia> wildcards

<LI><font face="Georgia">set allowallpaths = true</font face=georgia> This allows the cd command to list all files & subfolders on all directories

<LI><font face="Georgia">set allowremoveablemedia = true</font face=georgia> This allows you to copy files to removable media

<LI><font face="Georgia">set allownocopyprompt = true</font face=georgia> This discards that repeated annoying warning message when trying to do repairs[/list]<small>Thanks to Margaret Young </small>