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    Full Screen (FrontPage 2002)

    I am in the process of designing a company intranet site. All my end users us IE6 as the browser with the same screen resolution. To have additional screen space, I would like to ensure that the employee's browser is set to full screen (i.e., View Menu, Full screen). Is there any way I can validate that the employee browser is in full screen mode when they visit the company intranet site? Also, if they are not using full screen, can I program the intranet site to turn full screen viewing on? Conversely, when they exit, if the intranet site has changed the view setting, I would like to return it to the setting prior to visiting the intranet site. I have attorneys who have a difficult time with IE6 settings. It would much easier if the view setting can be validated and manipulated if needed by the intranet site. Can this be done using FrontPage 2002 or some other coding? THANKS

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    Re: Full Screen (FrontPage 2002)

    I don't think you can force an existing window to assume "full screen" proportions, but there is an IE-only extension to the JavaScript method that would allow you to launch the site in a new window that appears in "full screen" mode. Take a look at the script in this page, for example: Lightning Storm photos

    In theory, you also could use JavaScript to detect when the user has navigated out of the intranet, launch a new "normal" window and close the old one, but I've never tried to code that.

    Hope this helps.

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