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    Old address book entry won't die

    I have a name in my contact list that is the same as an old entry in the address book. The e-mails are different, but the name is the same.

    When I type the initials of the contact, I get the right name popping up, but it is underlined. And when I send the mail, it always goes to the old e-mail address from the address book.

    But I deleted the address from the address book, and then added the entry to my contacts. What's going on here ? Why is the old address still being used ?

    btw, this is outlook 2000. <img src=/S/question.gif border=0 alt=question width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Old address book entry won't die

    sounds like it might be a problem with the nickname file causing you to resolve to the wrong name. close outlook, search for *.nick and rename or delete it. outlook will create a new one.

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    Re: Old address book entry won't die

    This worked fine. Thank you! This was really bothering me.

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