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    some basic questions (excel2000)

    Hi All,
    My apology for these basic questions :
    1. How can I rename a module, So far I always get only the default one like Module1, Module2 etc.
    2. What is the difference between module and class module?
    3. Is that possible to have more than 3 conditions in conditional formatting?

    Can anybody so kind to answer my questions ( I am optimistic as I learn only nice people stays in this lounge)


    PS. Tony, so far one link has solved my problems. Waiting your next suggestions the have another link. <img src=/S/blackteeth.gif border=0 alt=blackteeth width=20 height=20>

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    Re: some basic questions (excel2000)

    Hi Yudi

    1/ To rename a module first make sure the properties window is displayed (press F4). In the Project Explorer click on the Module you want to rename, you can then change its name within the properties window.

    2/ A Class Module is a special type of module that enables the programmer to create a new object class. You can create new objects along with corresponding properties, methods and events. This link gives an overview of class modules.

    3/ You can only have up to 3 conditions using the built in conditional formatting within Excel, but you could use VBA if you want more than 3 conditions.

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