Does anyone have any experience working with Clean Slate, by Fortres Grand Corp? (<A target="_blank" HREF=></A>) This program is supposed to protect against accidental erasures and stuff, but it is causing Access to fail when a DB is being compacted. As I understand it, the compacting writes to a new DB1.MDB, deletes the old, and then renames... Apparently the Clean Slate program is interfering with this process, and the end result is that our DB is DELETED after Access generates an error message. (The message does not allow for cancelling or other recovery.)

It is Version 1.0, Build 188 of Clean Slate, if this info would be of any assistance.

We have a techie in the field right now trying to set up our programs, and he wants to keep Clean Slate operating on the PC. I'm thinking it'll have to be disabled if someone can't come up with a workaround.