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    Don't trust the URL in the status bar (6, probably others)

    I was surfing today and noticed this odd behavior: when a page is designed with an image that uses an image map and there is a URL associated with the image as a whole, IE will display the latter URL in the status bar (as shown in the example), but will actually load the URL specified in the image map. So you can't trust the URL in the status bar. (To preview the true URL, you can right-click the relevant part of the image, choose Copy Shortcut, and paste it into the address bar.) What will they (not) think of next?

    (Note: the inset HTML source code was added in MS Paint.)
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    Re: Don't trust the URL in the status bar (6, prob

    I'm not about to start trusting IE anytime soon anyway, but this is an interesting observation. Doubtless this behaviour is "by design."

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