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    Outlook 2000 Calendar (Outlook 2000 with all updates)

    Recently one of my customers got his system (Windows NT SP6a en Office 2000 both fully updated) messed up and his Outlook no longer worked properly. Since there was a backup copy of the PST, I first removed Outlook and then re-installed it. I then imported from the backup file all of the information I needed. However, I have found a couple of unusual things. I now have an agenda under Outlook Today - [Personal Folders] and also a second copy of the same agenda. It looks like I have two databases of mail. Both Calendars contain the same information, but there is one very major difference- in the Calendar under Personal Folders the alarm function works, but under the second Calendar which has a different name, the alarm function does not exist. I now have two questions:
    1.) is it possible to add the alarm function to a calendar which I have manually created?
    2.) is it possible to select all of the events in one calendar and to import them into another calendar, without creating duplicates? If so, how do I do this?

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    Re: Outlook 2000 Calendar (Outlook 2000 with all updates)

    1. In native Outlook, Reminders only fire in the default folders, Calendar, Task, Inbox, etc. Ken Slovak's Extended Reminders will fire reminders on non-default folders, which is what you want.

    2. Not that I know of in Native Outlook, though you may be able to prune the dups manually very efficiently by using a table View. Sperry has Appointment Duplicates Eliminator, you might look around further for a free equivalent.
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