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    Problem Saving Code (Access 2002 SP3)

    I'm having a problem when I try to save a form after I have changed the code behind the form. The problem occurs intermittently and on various computers.

    I get the Microsoft box saying it has encountered an error and needs to close. When I reopen the db, it functions normally but, of course, the changes to the code are not there.

    The database size is only 7.5 MB.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Problem Saving Code (Access 2002 SP3)

    1. Make a backup copy of the database, just in case.
    2. In the Visual Basic Editor, select Debug | Compile <project>. If you get error messages, try to solve these before continuing.
    3. In Access, select Tools | Database Utilities | Compact and Repair Database. You should do this regularly; you can also set Compact on Close in the General tab of Tools | Options...
    4. If the problems persist, try decompiling the database. See <post#=44732>post 44732</post#> and subsequent posts in the same thread for instructions. Follow the decompile by a compile and compact/repair (steps 2 and 3 above.)
    5. You can also import all database objects into a new, blank database. Don't forget to set the startup options, and VBA references if you need them.

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