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    Make Rows in Reports (Access 2000)

    I am trying to create a report that has many fields. I need these fields to be displayed on one page with the fields one on top of the other instead of the normal column based format. Does anybody have any hints or VB codes to make this happen. Or does anybody know of any techniques to allow a report with many fields to be viewable on a single printed piece of paper. I am working with as many as 40 fields.

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    Re: Make Rows in Reports (Access 2000)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    If you create a report with the Report Wizard, one of the options is to place the fields below each other instead of in columns. With a line height of about 1/6 inch, you can easily fit 40 fields on a page (unless there are many fields with many lines each).

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