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    IE getting a lot of page cannot be displayed err (6.0)

    Over the last week many sites that I used to be able to get into I now only get Page cannot be displayed. I would appreciate any help.

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    Re: IE getting a lot of page cannot be displayed err (6.0)

    One possible reason for this is a DNS problem. DNS is the system that converts host names such as to numeric addresses (IP addresses) that your browser needs to retrieve the page. Sometimes IE will specifically tell you there was a DNS problem. Other times, it isn't specific. Either way, it's difficult to be sure. One test is to post some URLs here, have someone help you find the IP addresses using a utility named nslookup, and then substitute those for the host name.

    Example: ==>

    This won't work for all hosts, but when it does work, it usually indicates that your computer's or your ISP's DNS is messed up in some way.

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