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    Combo Box on Form (Access 2002)

    I have a form which lists a number of values. I am trying to develop a combo box that would select one value, and display it in an adjacent field for future computations. I think it needs to be a combo box so the user can use their own value if the displayed values are not workable.
    Sort of like:
    FIELD Combo Value1 Value2 Value 3

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    Re: Combo Box on Form (Access 2002)

    In general, combo boxes are used to select a value to store in a table - often they let you select an alphanumeric description of something that is stored internally in the actual database record. If you want the user to be able to enter a new value, then you must select the actual value, and not a description of it. As long as your combo only has one column, the LimitToList property should be turned off by default. You can enter values to be displayed as a property of the combo box, or you can use a table or query as a source fot the display. Does this help?

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