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    CD / DVD Drive problem

    Because of crashing my C drive I had to reinstall Win2000 and I installed it on a new drive with no Virus software running or anything like that. AFter I installed Win2000 from my CD, all my hardware was working fine. I had no apps installed and so I started installing the SP's and the patches from the MS site. However, after I installed all of the SP's and patches from the internet, I could no longer use my CD drive. I have an F drive (my CD) but When I would put a CD in it I would always get a message back that it couldn't read the CD. I had this same situation before my C drive crashed and I had always thought that maybe my drive had gone bad or something else had gone wrong, but since I very seldom used the CD drive (it's also a burner) I just didn't fool with. But now I am convinced that one of the SP's or patches to Win2000 is the culprit. Does anyone know anything about this or how I can solve this problem?

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    Re: CD / DVD Drive problem

    This sounds more like a hardware problem than a software one.

    At this point it might be a good idea to check that all of the electrical connections for your CD and HDD are clean and firmly connected. Likwise for memory chips - swapping them around if you've got more than one might also have an effect. If so, you might have some bad RAM.


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    Re: CD / DVD Drive problem

    Remember service packs are cumulative. If you applied SP-4 you got all the updates from SP-1,SP-2, & SP-3. I'd check the cable connections inside the PC then possibly start over. If you re-install check the CD drive after each step - after the Win2k install, after SP-4, after a hotfix, etc., etc. It may be tedious but you'll most likely be able to identify the culprit - if it is a hotfix problem.


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