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    Merging Cells (Excel 2000)

    Good evening! I am trying to merge 2 pieces of info (vendor and address) so that they are in the same cell. Is there a way to do this? I've been cutting, using Alt+Enter and then pasting below the address below the vendor info. This happens in column A and again in the phone/fax and web address/email column. Is there any easier solution? Thank you!

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    Re: Merging Cells (Excel 2000)

    If you have the 2 pieces of information in 2 separate cells, you can use a formula to concatenate them on two lines.
    Say that vendor is in Q4 and address in R4, then you can put this formula in A4:


    Of course, text wrapping must be on. You can now fill this formula down as far as needed.

    When you're done, you can either hide the columns with the separate pieces of information, and keep the formulas, or you can copy the cells containing the formulas, and then paste special > values to get rid of the formulas; you can delete the columns with the individual pieces of information now, since they are not needed any more.

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