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    Huge number of calculations

    Access 2000 - I have a table that has nearly 2 million records in it. I need to read each record perform a custom complicated look up function that I wrote in VBA and then add the result to a column in the table. The routine usually explodes about 60% through the table. The errors lead me to believe that I have exceeded the maximum # of records lock settings. I have changed the number allowed (in VBA) to 1,000,000. Is there any down side to taking this number to 2,000,000 or even greater (I expect the number of records in this table to grow by several orders of magnitude). Is there some way to force the record locks to "flush"? I really don't need to lock the records. This routine only needs to be run once in a blue moon and it can be run "off line" with no multi-user worries. Everything else runs fine (if anyone wants to hear about 3 dimensional arrays of two dimensional rules let me know). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Huge number of calculations

    If you don't need to enable multi-user access, make sure you open the database in Exclusive mode.

    Then you will not get any locks placed.


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    Re: Huge number of calculations

    Jeez that was awful easy

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