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    printing problem - page numbers in Word (2003 and 2002)

    I'm not sure where to post this, but we are seeing it with Word documents...
    We are having a printing problem where the printer sometimes correctly prints "Page X of Y" and sometimes prints "Page X of X." In a 10-page document, it will print Page 1 of 1, Page 2 of 2...Page 10 of 10. We are seeing this with different documents from different computers, some in Word 2002/Windows 2000, some in Word 2003/Windows XP. Sometimes we can print one copy correctly and then, with no changes to the file or the computer and no rebooting, the next copy printed is Page X of X. The computers have plenty of memory (at least one has 512MB for only a 50-page doc being open). Our tech person's solution is to turn the printer off and on again. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. Does anyone who has seen this know the cause and solution?

    If it matters, the page numbers are inserted with form fields like this: Page { PAGE } of { SECTIONPAGES }. I should add that everything is always numbered correctly when viewed on screen.


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    Re: printing problem - page numbers in Word (2003 and 2002)

    See if "Page X of Y" gives wrong numbers on the Word MVP site helps.

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