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    Saving Standard Toolbar Customizations (97-2003)

    You can use the organizer to copy custom toolbars from template to template, which is nice for backing up the customizations you've made.
    But standard toolbars can't be moved that way, and things like context menus are even harder to get your mitts on.

    Does anyone have a tool which can manage toolbar settings more completely?
    An optimal tool would be able to tell the difference between the default config for the built-in toolbars, and just add customizations and remove things to be hidden.
    It should be able to store custom toolbar pix, or just the index number of standard pix, and store tooltips.
    A database/spreadsheet for the saved settings would be nice, so that things could be edited all at once.

    I'm probably even willing to pay for such a tool :-0

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    Re: Saving Standard Toolbar Customizations (97-2003)

    A few years ago this was discussed quite a bit. But I can't recall whether it led to a specific tool to do this, or what. I tried to write a procedure to copy between two templates or documents, but there was a problem: as far as each was concerned, the other template or document did not exist, which meant copying through or a global template. After that, my memory is very fuzzy...

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