This is a tale with the motto, 'backup - and check the backup - or be damned'. I know I'm stupid, but here goes...

I had problems reinstalling Win2000 after it kept getting stuck in the install process. Eventually I made a clean install into a new folder so I could backup my files and do an absolutely clean install. I used MS Backup and sent the files to another pc over a network. OK so far.

I decided to reformat my drive to FAT32 from NTFS, reinstalled Windows and Office and then went to restore my backup. Ahhh!

When it restored my files there were loads of Folders, arranged perfectly, but the contents seemd to be missing. Only a few files, mostly Explorer, Gif and JPEGs were showing. Most crucially, my Word, Powerpoint and .pst files were missing.

When it restored, MS Backup gave the message that some file features might be lost because I was restoring to a FAT32 disk, so I later created an NTFS partition and restored to that as well. Still the files were missing.

I feel sure that the files should be in the backup. The original documents folder was about 200MB and compressed into the backup file it is 95MB, too big for a few folders and gif files etc.

Do I need to run Windows on the NTFS partition? Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere on permissions? Is Backup rubbish? Any ideas gratefully received.