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    open page (2002/xp)

    How does one open a certain page of a workbook every time the workbook is opened? ie: sheet 3

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    Re: open page (2002/xp)

    You can create a macro that runs everytime the workbook opens. Within the visual basic editor it needs to be placed in the ThisWorkbook section.

    You can use either of the following:

    The first version uses the name of the sheet & will cause an error if the sheet is renamed.

    <code>Private Sub Workbook_Open()</code>
    <code> Sheets("Sheet3").Select</code>
    <code>End Sub</code>

    The 2nd option will still work if the sheet is renamed. Sheet3 in this case is not the name shown on the tab but is the sheet code name. For a discussion on the differences see OzGrid

    <code>Private Sub Workbook_Open()</code>
    <code> Sheet3.Select</code>
    <code>End Sub</code>

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