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    Check for blank field (VB Script & MS Outlook 2002)

    I need HELP! I am trying to set it up so that if a field is blank it will not go forward ( In this case, it will mail the form). If ithe field is blank I want it to return pop a message up and say "you forgot to fill it in". But, if they fill it in I want it to just continue to the next step.
    ' Font Status
    Sub Blankit()
    If UserProperties.Find("fstatus").Value = "" then
    Msgbox "Client field cannot be blank. Try again.",vbCritical
    Stophere = 1
    End if

    If Stophere = 0 then
    end If
    End Sub

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    Re: Check for blank field (VB Script & MS Outlook 2002)

    Is this triggered by the Item_Send event (not sure of its exact name)? If so, I think you probably have to stop the event from happening and force the user to click again; I don't think you can "pause for input." You could take the extra step of presenting a UserForm (or InputBox) to collect the data and insert it yourself before proceeding. Not sure it's worth the extra work.

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