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    PERT Anaysis toolbar missing (Project 2002)

    I know you can use a PERT Anaysis toolbar to help calculate your estimated durations - and yes I know how to turn a toolbar on - but I cannot find it. Help just says turn it on with the regular - View-toolbars. I can not see the toolbar in the customize box or even the PERT Anaysis commands to customize a new toolbar. Please help - I know I have seen it before on a machine that host Project 2002.

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    Re: PERT Anaysis toolbar missing (Project 2002)

    Sorry for the delay in getting to you. Have you figured out how to solve your problem? If so, could you post how the item was resolved to benefit others.

    I am not using 2002 so I am taking a stab in the dark here. In 2000, there is a network analysis that is similar to a pert view - Does 2002 have the same feature. We also have Pert Chart Expert, external software, that does a pert chart analysis but it can't be accessed unless installed. After installed, you get the Pert toolbar.

    One other item you may look at is check your global.mpt (if it exists in 2002) to ensure the toolbar is available. Assigning it to your project may work.


    (It's been a while!)

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