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    Paste without Hyperlinks? (OFF2k/WinXP)

    I have office 2000, and part of my "balance the checkbook" routine consists of copy/paste-ing a lot of data from the banking website into a Word or Excel document so that I can go ahead and get off the Internet quickly, even if money-stuff takes a while.

    My frustration is that when I paste into Word, or Excel, the hyperlinks from the web page come into the document. If I try to do a "Paste Special" and select Text (instead of HTML), then the table-formatting is lost and all of the columns are gone, jumbling up all the data. (In Excel Pasting as Text puts all the data in the first column) And at that point there's no way to do a "Text to Tables" function because the descriptions of the entires contain spaces, and spaces are used to delimit the columns...

    Are there any tricks or secrets (or non-Office programs!) that I can use to paste the tables into, and remove the hyperlinks with one easy button press (or better yet, don't paste the hyperlinks at all!)?

    This needs to be on a very basic level, so that my wife can do the same tasks, who is a basic computer user (not intermediate or advanced).



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    Re: Paste without Hyperlinks? (OFF2k/WinXP)

    Here is a macro I use to copy a two-column table with hyperlinks and some pictures in the first column into Excel:

    Sub PasteFromWeb()
    Range("C1").FormulaR1C1 = "=RC<!t>[-2]<!/t>"
    With Range(Range("C1"), Range("A1").End(xlDown).Offset(0, 2))
    .PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues
    .Cut Destination:=Range("A1")
    End With
    End Sub

    It will have to be adapted to your situation. You can assign it to a custom toolbar button and/or keyboard shortcut, so that it isn't necessary to start it using Tools | Macro | Macros.

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    Re: Paste without Hyperlinks? (OFF2k/WinXP)

    Here is an option you might be able to use:
    1. <LI>Paste the copied information into Excel using Paste Special | Text
      <LI>Change the font to Courier New or some other fixed-width font -- while this is not strictly necessary it will make viewing the layout much easier
      <LI>Select the rows that need to be parsed out into columns and then use Data | Text to Columns... | Space Delimited. You can then adjust where the breaks are going to be set.
    This should leave you with all your data split into a nice table, and without any of the annoying hypertexts that Office 2000 insists on creating 'for your convenience'.

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